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We provide PC Notebook Laptop Desktop computer repair service in Singapore. Arthur Yeo 9182 6360. Notebook keyboard screen LCD LED repair replacement, maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing all laptop brands and models. .

Arthur Yeo (9182 6360) - How am I different from other?

computer repair singapore

No lump sum charge

When you call, I can advise the detail breakdown of the charges. You can then decide if you want the repair. You will know exactly what you will be paying for. No hidden charges, absolutely.

motherboard repair singapore

On-the-spot solution

Fast turnaround - I bring many common parts when visiting you. Most problems can be fixed on the spot, no unnecessary waiting for parts or bringing the PC back to workshop.

desktop repair service singapore

All files are safe

I am able to save and restore your important Internet favourites, Outlook email, desktop items, My Documents, music, video and pictures. (beware not all PC repairer are able to do this)

PC-Laptop on-site Network Networking Computer Repair Singapore

Opens Everyday

Since this is my full time job. I can attend to you after office hour, weekend, holiday or even at late hour of the night!

hardware repair service singapore

Not charge by the hour

My service is charged by the scope of the job, no matter how long it takes to fix the problem - Not by the hour which is at your disadvantage when I take longer than expected time.

acer repair singapore

Cost-effective solution

Reliability is the key in my service - I always adapt best cost-effective solution. Unless my customer wants it otherwise, I always look at the extent of the problem and propose a solution best to rectify the problem that lasts for long term and value for money.

onsite pc repair singapore

20+ years of experience

I started my IT career right from the first PC/Mac invented in the world in early 1980 and have been in IT since then, experiencing whole spectrum of IT evolvements in hardware, software, internet, network and all other IT technologies

pc repair shop

Very well-rounded

Expert in IT industry - besides PC hardware / software repair, I provide also many other IT services, e.g. Web Design, Surveillance Camera etc. Do visit all other pages in this web site for more info.


Freedom of choice - you can choose to drop your computer off to my workshop (to save $$$) or opt for house-call service which let you save from making trips to repair shop incurring time and transport fee. You don't have to leave your house a single step!

I provide PC Notebook Computer Laptop Repair Services in Singapore. Notebook keyboard screen LCD LED repair replacement, maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing all laptop brands and models. Arthur Yeo 9182 6360.

Type of services : Onsite, Carry-in, Normal or Express service support in Singapore

Desktop services : customization of new pc for standard usage or gaming experience. Notebook / Laptop Services: LCD cracked replacement; water spillage repair or replacement; motherboard repair or replacement;

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List of Operating System supported:

  • Notebook / Laptop repair - Acer, HP, Compaq, Asus, Samsung, LG, Dell, Sony Vaio, Lenovo and Benq
  • Water spillage
  • Express Repairs
  • Motherboard Component Level (Level 4) Repairs
  • Upgrading services - RAM, SSD, Cloning etc
  • Laptop Fan cleaning and Thermal Paste Re-applying services

What are the things we do?

PC Laptop-Screen-Virus Removal-Repair-Singapore

If you need help with your PC Laptop Computer Compaq Support Repair Singapore at home, we're here to help! Our computer technicians are trained on PCs and Macs (desktops and laptops) and smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry etc.), and will come to your home to get your computers running smoothly.

We'll help you set up your computer, laptop and smartphone at home, whether you want a custom-built computer, or you need help setting up a wireless network, or backing up files and photos to the cloud, PC Laptop Upgrade Samsung ASUS Repair Singapore. We can also set up and manage parental controls on your internet access, to keep your children safe online.

And if you have a problem, we can fix your computer, remove any viruses, and do an overall healthcheck to make sure everything's working properly, PC Laptop Toshiba Motherboard Casing Repair Singapore.

You are guaranteed a friendly and efficient computer technician every time. We're straight talking, don't use jargon and are honestly and competitively priced.

Please find listed below some of the services we offer. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. For details of our rates please call us for a non-obligatory enquiry.

Broadband Installation

Confused by the various broadband packages available? Perhaps you've already ordered your home broadband service but aren't sure where to start with setting it up? Maybe you want to upgrade your standard wired service to wireless?

Arthur Yeo can guide you through set up and help you get the best from your broadband service.

Cloud Computing

We offers a vast array of cloud based computer services for the home, including online data back up, parental controls, and email, PC Laptop Casing Shop Computer Repair Singapore. Get in touch today to see how we can help you get the best from the cloud in your home.

Computer Health Check

General day to day use, installing and removing programs and internet browsing can all affect your computer. It's recommended that your computer should be cleaned inside and out at least once a year and your system checked regularly, PC Laptop Virus Removal Service Spyware Repair Singapore. Maintaining your computer will add to its longevity and help to keep it working efficiently.

We will perform a computer health check, removing dust, malware, blocking pop-ups and checking for viruses, cleaning the build-up of old files, removing unwanted software, installing critical windows updates and optimising your computer's performance, PC Laptop Notebook Toshiba Motherboard Repair Singapore.

Computer Optimisation / Hardware upgrade

All computers will slow down over time. This is mainly because of old obsolete programs, undeleted files and unnecessary third party applications that cause your computer's processing time and power to slow down, PC Laptop MSI Sim Lim Square 24x7 Repair Singapore.

We will optimise your computer, removing anything affecting performance and perform the necessary tweaks to get it back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Computer and Laptop Notebook Repair

Whether your computer or laptop keeps crashing, or freezing in the middle of an application, won't boot, or is suffering from a failed hardware component such as a hard drive or DVD drive, Arthur Yeo has experience of all computer problems and can get you back up and running as quickly as possible, PC Laptop Screen Notebook Toshiba Repair Singapore.

Computer Upgrades / Replacement

Does your computer seem to struggle when trying to open large files or display enhanced graphics? Many people think they need to buy a new computer, but with an upgrade you may well be able to turn your current computer into a faster, more efficient machine, PC Laptop Service Spyware Sony Repair Singapore.

Our competent and qualified computer technicians can upgrade your computer's memory, hard drive, install sound or graphics cards or DVD drives, PC Laptop LED LG HP Repair Singapore. If your machine really cannot be improved, we can offer great deals on building, or supplying you, with a new computer.

Custom Built PCs / Desktop / Notebook / Laptop

Are you into gaming? Music production? Video editing? Tired of buying high street computers with a set specification? Wish it had a little more RAM? Better graphics or sound card? Maybe you'd just prefer a different colour case? PC Laptop Support Acer Upgrade Repair Singapore.

Custom built PCs offer the buyer greater flexibility, so you end up with the computer you want, doing the things that you specifically need it to do. Our custom build computers are the finest quality, backed by the finest service. All custom built PCs come with a Arthur Yeo onsite warranty.

Data Backup

Arthur Yeo can help you to protect all your files, including music and photos, by making regular copies of your important data, PC Laptop Upgrade Samsung ASUS Repair Singapore.

These can be taken from all your desktops and laptops and stored centrally either on a secure hard drive or online with our cloud based back up solution. This way if anything should happen to your computer – all your data is safely backed up so that we can have you up and running in no time!

Data Recovery

Should disaster strike and you lose data through hardware failure or by accidentally deleting a file, Arthur Yeo is internal and external hard disk and data recovery specialists.

We also offer data recovery services for iPhone and iPod and can advise on how best to protect your data going forward with secure data back ups.

Data Transfer

Have you bought a new PC or Mac and want to transfer all the data from your old computer to the new one? We can safely migrate all your data for you and provide you with a back up copy on disc, PC Laptop Virus Removal Service Repair Singapore.

We can also transfer data from smartphones such as iPhone or Blackberry and from an external hard drive or iPod.

Arthur Yeo can also advise you on back up solutions to make sure you never lose important files or those precious family photos.

Data Wiping

When disposing of an old computer or hard drive, personal information such as credit card details, bank account numbers, passwords, family photos and private emails need to be destroyed. Do not let any personal data get in to the wrong hands, PC Laptop Service Toshiba Casing Repair Singapore.

To ensure that no one can access this information when disposing of an old computer, we use data wiping software to destroy all information on the hard drive. Simply deleting files or reformatting the drive is not good enough. Data destruction is the only secure way to have data removed from a hard drive.

Hardware Installation

Have you bought a new Windows PC, Mac computer or a printer and don't know where to begin with installing it? We are happy to help!

We can install hardware components such as wireless routers, web cams, sound cards, graphics cards, DVD drives, hard drives and motherboards. We can also assist you with software installation, PC Laptop Shop Support Screen Repair Singapore

Malware and Virus Removal

Computer problems are not always hardware related. Your computer may be running slowly, your internet browser plagued with pop-ups or perhaps your computer keeps crashing or behaving unpredictably. These computer problems are often caused by malware. Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious.

Often viruses can only be removed with professional help. We are experienced in identifying viruses and spyware, so can quickly help remove the virus and repair any damage done. We will also ensure that you are protected from future attacks by providing advice on antivirus software.


Arthur Yeo is committed to helping our customers recycle or pass on equipment to charities for refurbishment whenever possible so preventing wasteful and toxic disposal to landfill, PC Laptop LCD LED Acer Repair Singapore.

For items that cannot be refurbished we aim to ensure the maximum reclamation of materials is made, with hazardous components being safely broken down in accordance with environmental legislation (WEEE and ROHS).

Remote Access

With remote access, you can securely access data and files on your computer from anywhere in the world. Once set up, you can use your Mac or PC from any computer with an internet connection as if you were at home.

Wireless Networking

Most homes now have more than one computer and so the need for wireless (or, if necessary, wired) networks becomes more relevant. A wireless network is easy to manage, and offers flexibility by enabling you to use your laptop, iPad or smartphone anywhere in the house or garden, PC Laptop Compaq Samsung Sony Repair Singapore.

A network environment also enables several users to access the internet at once – so no more family arguments! A further advantage of creating a home network is that it provides the opportunity to keep unsightly equipment, such as the printer, in another room. We can set up a simple home network or something more sophisticated such as a wireless music system.


Computer Notebook Laptop Desktop Technology is ever evolving. There are always new things get invented. Please contact us for any Computer Services not listed above for a detail discussion of your requirements.

By Arthur Yeo


Arthur Yeo - 9182 6360

(carry-in or on-site service, 7 days a week)


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Virus or Malware Attacks
Internet Fibre Broadband Fiber Running Slow
Hard Drive failure
Battery Not Charging
Liquid / Water Spillage
No Display on Desktop Monitor
No Display on Notebook Laptop LCD / LED
Keyboard Mulfunction / Missing Key / Broken Key
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